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Mental Commitments


If you have reason to believe someone is mentally ill, call a local police agency, or call Pathways 1-888-728-4929

The alleged mentally ill person must be examined at our local emergency room.  If he/she is unwilling to go there voluntraily, HBHA will assist in completing a petition for hospitalization and the police will be ordered to transport the alleged MI to the emergency room.


If the local doctor finds that the person is in need of treatment, the MI is then transported to an area mental health facility, usually Marquette General Hospital, or War Memorial Behavioral Health Center.  There the MI is examined by a psychiatrist.  If that examination also determines treatment is needed, the MI has options.


1) He/she can agree to accept treatment voluntarily and the court is not involved.


2) When a petition is filed with the court, an attorney is appointed to represent the MI, and the MI is given the option to defer his/her hearing and accept treatment.  If he does not cooperate, the hospital or a mental health representative can demand a court hearing based on the original petition and clinical certificates.


3) The MI can immediately request a hearing.  The court then makes a determination whether or not the MI is in need of treatment at a formal hearing.  A hearing must take place within seven days.  The court can order up to 60 days hospitalization, plus alternative treatment not exceeding a total of 90 days.

Paperwork is filed at the Luce County Probate Court.  There are no fees.


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