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Friend of the Court

407 West Harrie Street

Newberry, MI   49868

Phone: (906) 293-3204
Fax: (906) 293-4261

Office Hours:  Monday through Friday  
8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (Closed on Holidays)

Friend of the Court Staff

Josh Freed:


Friend of the Court

Jessica Rahilly:

Deputy Friend of the Court

Nicole Robinson:

Enforcement Officer



Friend of the Court is a Combined FOC/PA office regarding child support and establishment of child support.


The Friend of the Court provides services in:

  • Establish child support cases

  • DNA collection for paternity child support cases

  • Collection of child support payments – cash or money order only

  • Child support recommendations

  • Child support matters

  • Enforcement of child support, custody and parenting time orders

  • Situations of disputed child custody or parenting time

  • Recommendations for custody, parenting time and support


Payment Information

To check the status of child support payments and other case information, call the 24-hour FOC “Interactive Voice Response” (IVR) System at 877-543-2660.

Some information that is available on the IVR system:

  • Last Payment & Balance

  • Last 3 Payments & Balance

  • Show Cause Hearing Info

  • Bench Warrant Info

  • Income Withholding Info


MiChildSupport is an online service you can set up an account in which you can view your case.

To sign up, email –   Call our office for information if needed.


MiChildSupport Provides:

Income Witholding Status

Child Support Hearing Dates

Case Information

Payment Summaries

Child Support Owed

Friend of the Court Office Information


Friend of the Court Handbook:

The Friend of the Court Handbook has information about the general duties of the Friend of the Court office.


Please contact the Luce County Friend of the Court, (906) 293-3204, with any questions you may have regarding the handbook, as some procedures may vary for each Friend of the Court office.


A copy of the handbook can be obtained in our office or call our office to email a copy to you.

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