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Luce County Ambulance Service


910 Washington Blvd.
Newberry, MI 49868
Phone: 906.293.8871
Fax: 906.293.8536


Luce County Ambulance Service began in the 70’s by a group of volunteers.  For the past 40 years Luce County Ambulance Service has provided emergency medical treatment to all of Luce County, Germfask and Seney Townships.  We are also the agency to provide mutual aide to Garfield Township, Burt Township, Portage Township and Hulbert Township EMS.   We cover approximately 1800 square miles.


We have 3 Basic Life Support Ambulances and 1 Advanced Life Support Ambulance stage at the ambulance building in Newberry.  We have 1 Basic Life Support Ambulance stationed at Lakefield Townhall, 1 First Responder Unit stationed at Seney and 1 at Rainbow Lodge. We have one Advanced Life Support Non Transporting Unit (ECHO) stationed at Luce County Ambulance Building.


We have 3 snowmobiles and 2 toboggans for snowmobile rescue.


Luce County has 35 Basic Licensed Volunteers (MFR’s, EMT’s and EMT’s) and 12 Paramedics employees.


Luce County Ambulance continues to provide Helen Newberry Joy Hospital with the ambulance and personnel to transfer patients from this Hospital to other Hospitals for advanced care.


Our County has been very blessed with both equipment and dedicated personnel to serve the citizens of our area.


You can see members of our service volunteering at many community events such as motorcross, snowcross, football games, fair events, logging museum events, and parades.


For more information on Luce County Ambulance Service, please contact us at (906)293-8871.

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