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Delinquent Tax Frequently Asked Questions


Q. I didn’t receive a property tax bill from my local township or city. Will the county waive the interest on my delinquent taxes?

A. No. The county treasurer is required by law (sec. 211.56 of the general property tax act) to add a 4% administration fee on March 1st - the date taxes are turned over delinquent - and 1% interest per month. There is no provision for waiving these or any other fees.


Q. Can I make partial payments?

A. Yes. Partial payments can be made at any time, but all statutory fees and interest will be applied to the unpaid balance.


Q. What does “forfeiture” mean?

A. The Forfeiture date each year is March 1st – one year after your taxes are turned over delinquent to the county treasurer. THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT YOU’VE LOST YOUR PROPERTY. “Forfeiture”, as defined in the property tax laws, means that your property is being PREPARED for foreclosure on the March 31st after the forfeiture date. In other words, you have 2 years and 1 month to pay your delinquent taxes to avoid foreclosure.


Q. What happens on the “forfeiture” date?

A. The county is required to add a $175 title search fee, a $45 DNR fee, $20 for recording fees, and an additional 6% interest is added to your tax bill. You must pay all of your delinquent tax bill by the March 1st after delinquency to avoid these charges.


Q. I just paid my delinquent taxes. Now I’ve received a shortage notice from the Treasurer’s Office. Why?

A. Luce County does not accept postmarks. Your payment must be RECEIVED by our office before the end of a given month in order to accept that month’s payoff. If you received a shortage notice from us, we probably received your payment shortly after the month in which you intended to pay.


Q. My property taxes are too high. How can I challenge my taxable value?

A. Please contact the assessor in the city, township, or village where you reside.

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