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Although adoptions are Circuit Court/Family Division matters, the files for Luce County adoptions are handled at the Probate Court.  Fees are payable to the Circuit Court.


Adoption files are confidential, and court staff is required to respond “no public file exists” when asked if we have a file.  However, Michigan does allow a search for a record and release of some information to certain individuals upon filing a petition with the court requesting the information.  The filing fee in Luce County for this petition is $15.00.


For further information about release of information, go and read the Release of Information pamphlet.  You will also find information about Michigan’s Central Adoption Registry at that website.

Step-parent adoption

Forms and an instruction sheet are available at the Probate Court.  You will need the child’s birth certificate, and if the father’s name does not appear on the birth certificate, a copy of the acknowledgment of paternity or order of filiation, copies of any paperwork terminating the non-custodial parent’s parental rights, and copies of any divorce judgment or support orders relating to custody and support of the child.


Relative adoption

Adopting parents must be related within the fifth degree by marriage, blood or adoption.

Agency adoption or direct placement adoption

Paperwork is generally submitted through an agency worker or an attorney.


For further Luce County adoption information, call 906-293-5601.

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